One of the important reasons that drive drivers to install dashboard cameras or what is known as the dash cam is to determine liability in the event of accidents and also document the process of vandalism or theft in the parking lot. The car cam recordings can be used as evidence for the police to disclaim their legal liability or the insurance company as evidence in your favour, relieving you of any physical follow-up.

Video quality

 Purchasing a dash cam with high video quality enhances your security, as you will have a higher chance of capturing details such as car numbers and the face of the driver who may assault you on the road. Video quality does not necessarily mean spending more, but rather choosing the most appropriate. Most cameras during the day are of good quality and close, but at night, where the difference in quality is obvious, so you have to pay attention to two important factors: image stability when moving and the WDR feature, which balances between dark and bright places to see details at night or on a very sunny day.

the shape

The large size of the car camera may hinder vision because it occupies part of your window, especially cameras with a 5-inch screen, and thieves can be tempted to steal it. The smaller the size, the better for it to be more concealable. As for the color, I prefer black, as it is less noticeable. One of the best shapes and the least chances of discovery is the one that is in the shape of the car’s mirror, and it is also more stable than other types that are attached to the car’s glass, which may easily fall over time.


Alerts and notifications is a very, very important thing. There are car cameras with notifications that appear for a short time and disappear, or the sound of the alert is weak, you may not notice it, and this is a problem in itself. For example, if there is a problem with the memory card and the camera does not record, the camera must alert you to this, as it may happen Something is up and when you want to go back to the recordings you find out that the camera was not recording which is frustrating.

Secondary rear camera

The rear camera is very important if someone hits your car from behind, as it documents the accident as evidence in your favor. That's why be sure to buy a model with a dual cam system. The second type of dual camera The second camera is directed to the interior of the car. This type is important for taxi and transportation drivers to record any problem that occurs inside the vehicle.

the screen

Some models do not have a screen like the blackvue dr650 and need an app in the phone and connect it to the wifi to change settings and view the recordings. The best models have a screen so that you can easily access settings and recordings.

the battery

The battery is very important to operate the dash cam when the car engine is not running, for example in the parking lot. The longer the battery runs, the better.

Driver assistance settings


Great feature to determine your location and speed but it is not like real GPS which gives you instructions and directions.