How to decorate your home

Accessories are called luxuries because they complement the aesthetic image of the

home, and are considered an integral part of the world of decor, as they add a

distinctive touch to the place, no matter how simple these accessories are. Dealing with

accessories is a kind of art, and it is a double-edged sword, as the selection of

adornment tools requires a taste and a sense of creativity, especially when merging

colors. In this article, we will talk about the types of home accessories and the best way

to use them.

No matter how simple the accessories are, they add an elegant and beautiful touch to

the place

Small details play an important role in highlighting the appearance of the room and

giving it a special character, and this does not require spending a large amount of

money, but simple decorations can be used. There are a variety of decorative pieces

that can be used to decorate simple home decorations, and here is a list of pieces that

you can use to decorate bedrooms, living rooms or the salon.

Types of home accessories:


Mirrors are one of the distinctive home accessories pieces, as they add a luxurious and

elegant aesthetic touch, and they are usually used in small rooms to give the impression

that they have a larger area.

Mirrors are available in wonderful shapes, sizes and designs, and add a calm artistic feel

like any painting. Examples of the most famous types of decorative mirrors are classic

mirrors, which are called antiques. The options for mirror types also include simple ones

that are paved next to each other according to the available space on the walls, and

there are many forms of them available in the phouse

art paintings

The paintings add a unique aesthetic sense to the place, and their use inside the house

reflects the sense and taste of the owners of the house, which is highlighted through the

graphics and colors used. In which.

It is necessary to take into account the selection of the painting that suits the place in

terms of colors and size, and the location of the painting must be studied before placing

it randomly on the wall of the room.

For example, it is preferable to place the paintings at the eye level of the person sitting

on the sofa or seat in the room rather than placing them at a high level of vision.

the plants

Plants give life to the place where they are placed

Many people like to combine home accessories with ornamental plants, and it is

considered one of the most beautiful options for home accessories, as plants make a

drastic change to the place, and give it a lovely elegance.

It is worth noting that the importance of plants in the home is not limited to the

aesthetic aspect only, but plants have many benefits that positively affect humans.

Houseplants that are used as home accessories improve the ventilation of the place and

purify the atmosphere. Studies have also proven that plants have an effective role in

improving human health, promoting a sense of happiness and reducing stress and


Candles and candelabra

Candles and candlesticks are home accessories that add a romantic and warm touch to

the place, and are considered one of the most ideal pieces especially in a phouse.


Vases of all kinds are the most common types of home accessories, and they top the list

of home accessories annually, as the vases work to take the place to an elegant and

elegant level. Places where vases can be placed vary, for example, they can be placed on

side tables or on shelves, and large size vases are also available to be placed at the

entrances of homes..